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Our Facilities

Conference facilities

  • Gymnasium: fully equipped with space for joint exercise classes.
  • Swimming Pool: large enough for recreation and exercise.
  • Spa, sauna and massage facilities: next to pool or gymnasium.
  • Theatre: enough to cater for 20 people at a time.
  • Library DVD, games and book: next to theatre.
  • BBQ Picnic Area.
  • Quiet garden close to nature with comfortable chairs.
  • Room for group craft.



  • Outdoor activities / games.
  • Dancing lessons or a pamper night.
  • Art & cooking classes.

OUR VISION  To create an affordable retreat for carers in an environment where there is an ambience of tranquillity, a place where they can recharge and have a renewed zest for life which will become a model for other mental health retreats in Australia.