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About Us

Reach wellness , is a registered non for profit organisation .

The objective of this project will be to serve First responders and front line members that serve our community such as RSL / police / fire fighters / flying doctors / Medical Groups.

On the property there will be 120 new chalets with one, two and 3 bedrooms on 88 acres to cater for the growing number of First Responders , who need to get away to a place to recharge and have a break, either with your family or on your own.

There will be psychologists available also doctors and a newly revamped hospital nearby.

There is an organic farm – 2000 fruit trees, 450 table grapes, 800 olives trees – already established on the property. The first responders will also be able to work on the property, work in the hot houses, learn to cook, have fun and go for walks or just lay around the pool.

This development will be financed by State and Federal Grants, Health providers and philanthropists.

The reach wellness approach will give mental health priorities to those that are falling through the gaps between services and to those that are not sick enough to access the limited services offered by the state funded hospitals. Reach wellness will be dedicated to mental health recovery for free, to those that need it to enable them to transform their current situation and gain a positive fulfilled balanced lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones with out the additional concern to the financial cost to themselves and their family.

This proposal provides significant benefits to the town of Narrogin and its community. These include:

Sizeable building program employing several local trades people and labour. In addition, when the buildings come into operation there will be permanent employment opportunities for management staff, cleaners, kitchen hands, gardeners etc.

Economy: the estimated cost of the development is in the region of $37 million which will be a significant injection into the local economy during the development and construction stage. When completed, there will be a further economic impact when service personnel and tourist visit Narrogin.

Limited use: The Wellness Retreat is purely for First responders and front line that have provided a service to our communities. It is a place where they can recuperate or be counselled for mental health.

OUR VISION  To create an affordable retreat for carers in an environment where there is an ambience of tranquillity, a place where they can recharge and have a renewed zest for life which will become a model for other mental health retreats in Australia.