In The Pursuit of Saving Lives

Reach Wellness is a registered Non-for-Profit Organisation focusing on delivering solutions dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and ongoing support of mental health as well as physical health for first responders such as but not limited to services such as Ambulance, ERP, Fire, Flying Doctors, Military Personnel and Police.

Reaching Out to Help First Responders

Our vision is to provide an affordable, effective, and inclusive mental health support solution with programs and activities that enable first responders to receive the care and support they need to live healthy, fulfilling, purpose-driven lives for them and their families.

We envision a world where first responders are offered solutions that can engage them over all aspects of wellness, being mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social, and occupational. Protecting First Responders from suicide, free from stigma, and empower them to be their best selves and connect with and support others facing similar life challenges.

Promote purpose-led thinking and behaviour that is supported by the tools, professional help and community to become their best self and build up the fortitude to perform against the daily, monthly, and yearly challenges that face our first responders.

The Mission of Reach Wellness is to deliver for first responders and front-line workers that serve our community, providing them with the best mental health and physical health solutions that are available anywhere in the world today. We are laser-focused not only on preventing suicides but also on enriching the mentality of first responders and their families. By providing our full wellness solutions that are accessible to all first responders, Reach Wellness will make a tangible difference in the lives of those who choose to serve us.

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3-Year Strategic Plan


Build and open a bespoke Australian retreat dedicated to the respite, recovery, and treatment of First Responders.


Open physical Drop-In Support Centres throughout major cities and towns across Australia with Digital options online that are completely free and confidential.


Be a driving voice promoting and highlighting Programs for Change around living to your purpose and Providing the Tools and Communities to help First Responders achieve their best self.


Launch CLR Mind and CLR Health Solutions, creating a more closed-loop system that allows for better care management and the sharing of information so that prevention, treatment, and recovery are all synced to achieve the planned outcome.


Promoting good mental health and well-being behaviours and practices among first responders, including reducing the risk of mental disorders and suicides.


Deliver our two main Projects to all areas in Australia serving First Responders.


Facilitating early identification of mental health problems, providing high-quality mental healthcare, and acknowledging and mitigating the mental health consequences of repeated trauma exposure.

Our Services

Reach Drop In Centres & 24/7 Digital Platforms

Immediate Support and Counselling

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Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Education

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Providing a Safe, Stigma-Free Environment

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Encouraging Physical Health

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Facilitating Early Identification and Intervention

Access to Professionals and Peer Support

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A Help


Reach Wellness's Mental Health Drop-In Centres, 24/7 Digital Platforms play an integral role in promoting the prevention and control of mental health issues for first responders. They offer immediate support and counseling, promote mental health awareness and education through workshops and resources, and provide a safe, stigma-free environment for individuals to freely express their feelings and concerns.

Support our first responders' mental health by visiting our Mental Health Drop-In Centres or accessing our 24/7 Apps and Call Centres. Your contribution can help prevent crises and provide immediate relief to those in distress. Join us in creating a stigma-free environment and promoting mental health awareness today.

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Pushing Boundaries

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Increasing Resilience

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Reducing Loneliness

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Providing Resources and Support

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Promoting Open Communication about Mental Health


Micro-Community Programs



Reach Wellness Micro Communities Programs aims to promote mental well-being by pushing boundaries, increasing resilience, and reducing loneliness.

We've created the Live Your Purpose Project, a framework designed to promote the prevention and control of mental health diseases for first responders. This framework is based on the japanese philosophy for life, Ikigai and has a variety of positive effects:

  1. Enhances Motivation and Purpose: Ikigai helps individuals discover their daily purpose, boosting motivation and overall well-being. This can protect against mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
  2. Promotes Positive Emotions: Ikigai brings joy and fulfillment, linked to better mental health and resilience, preventing and managing mental health challenges.
  3. Encourages Engagement and Activity: Ikigai encourages purposeful activities, maintaining cognitive and emotional health, reducing the risk of mental health problems.
  4. Enhances Resilience: Finding meaningful purpose through Ikigai builds resilience, crucial for preventing and managing mental health issues, enabling individuals to bounce back from challenges.
  5. Facilitates Social Connections: Pursuing Ikigai often involves social interactions, offering vital social support that buffers against stress and other mental health risks for first responders.

The "Reach Over Resistance" project has a four-pillar framework to aid first responders in preventing and managing mental health issues:

1. Prepare: Equipping first responders with stress management techniques, self-care strategies, and tools to cope with trauma in their work, enabling early recognition of potential mental health concerns and prompt help-seeking.

2. Prevent: Providing actionable training for trauma management, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and creating a supportive work environment where discussing mental health is encouraged.

3. Treat: Offering fast access to a team of professionals who understand first responders' challenges, ensuring timely and effective care for those facing mental health issues.

4. Fortify: Establishing ongoing support through a network of coaches, nurses, and experienced individuals, strengthening the mental resilience of first responders to handle future challenges.

The Reach Retreat

A retreat dedicated to mental health recovery in an environment where there is an ambience of tranquillity, a place where they can recharge and have a renewed zest for life and remain an important member of their local community close to family and friends.

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About the Retreat

On the Reach Retreat, there will be 120 new chalets with one, two and three bedrooms options on 88 acres to cater for the growing number of First Responders who need to get away to a place to recharge and have a break, either on their o w n or with their family.

The Retreat is designed to support up to 13,000 First Responders and family members annually. We intend to have psychologists and trauma support groups available as well as medical support via the newly revamped hospital in the town.

The Retreat already has an organic farm, and a well-established orchard, fruit trees and vineyard as well as livestock. The property currently has 4 large homes and a granny flat that we intend to use immediately once all approvals are in place.

The first responders will also be able to do work and leisure activities on the property, such as gardening in the hot houses and the orchard, learning to cook with chefs, exercising and relaxing.

Retreat Services

Services that will be accommodated on the retreat are:

• Psychotherapy Services: provide access to licensed therapists or counselors who can offer individual or group therapy sessions to address mental health concerns.

• Meditation and Mindfulness: mindfulnessand meditation practices can help reduce stress, improve focus, and promote overall mental well-being.

• Job-Specific Trauma and Counselling services: Creating a safe environmental soundboard option for people to get support from lived experience support networks.

• Nature & Outdoor Activities:Wellness retreats located in natural settings often offer opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, nature walks, or eco-therapy, which can have a positive impact on mental well-being.

• Resilience training, including exposure therapy, cold exposure, breathing exercises, journaling training, and Living your Purpose training with goal setting and challenge signups.

Images from the Retreat

Mental Health

CLR MIND is our digital platform to deliver the Reach Projects, we are dedicated to supporting our first responders' mental health needs in five powerful ways:

  • Empowerment through Training: We equip first responders with essential skills and courses to improve their personal and professional lives, helping them navigate challenges with confidence.
  • Proactive Prevention: Our actionable training focuses on managing trauma effectively, reducing the likelihood of mental health issues arising in the first place.
  • Swift and Comprehensive Treatment: In times of need, our first responders gain rapid access to a top-tier team of doctors, nurses, and peers who work collaboratively to guide them back to their peak mental state.
  • Support Network: We maintain a strong circle of support, consisting of coaches, nurses, and experienced service members, who are readily available to provide constant care and assistance in both difficult and positive times.
  • Holistic Care: Our mission extends beyond the bad times, ensuring that every individual in our community receives the continuous care they deserve, championing mental wellness throughout their entire journey.

CLR Health is also there to deliver value and better health to first responders, it helps to address the challenges of being a first responder by providing a portable medical device (CLR Med Hub), a cloud-based electronic health integration system (CLR UI System), and a mobile app.

Together, these components allow for accurate and instant diagnostics, real-time access to results, and comprehensive health assessments for first responders and corporations, with an emphasis on preventing, controlling, and remedying both physical and mental health issues.

Healthy habits.

Get involved

Get Involved and Make a Difference: Join us in supporting our courageous first responders and their families by contributing your time, skills, or donations. Together, we can create a lasting impact on mental health and physical well-being, fostering a community of care and resilience for those who selflessly serve us every day.

Join Reach Wellness on its mission to empower and uplift those who protect us, ensuring they receive the best support available worldwide.

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The Reach Wellness acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.

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